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Uk Witness T Shirt

uk witness t shirt

Devon, UK

Devon, UK

Dancing for climate action in the heart of Devon.

Today 24th October is the global Day of Climate Action co-ordinated by, involving a 181 countries and 5200 actions worldwide. Devon put on
at least 12 events, one of the most colourful and well attended took place
in the beautiful surroundings of the Teign Valley.

Children from three local primary schools (Hennock, Dunsford and
Doddiscomsleigh) dressed in pink, red and orange T-shirts danced on a lush
green parish field ending up in a 350 formation. It was a simple dance
executed with the commitment and verve adult dancers would have been proud
of. Impressively, the children understood that the importance of the 350
lies in the necessity of bringing carbon levels in the atmosphere down from
390 to 350 parts per million.

Ann Daniels, Devon Polar explorer, who opened the event, updated the
audience with the latest findings from the Catlin Arctic Survey. She said
that the Arctic Sea would lose its summer ice in ten years and we would all
witness the changes.

She addressed the children directly, telling them they were the future.

“People are more important than leaders, there are more of us and what we do
can make a real difference. When I see people coming together for an event
like this, I feel optimistic.”

The dance theme was continued by Kalash ATS, a troupe of vividly adorned
belly dancers who performed in front of a beautiful 350 banner made by the
children of Doddiscombsleigh School. The afternoon finished with a rip
roaring performance by Jackie Juno, comedienne and poet from Bovey Tracey.
This was the first major event put on by Greener Teign, a climate action
group formed in July.

Race for life

Race for life

For the past few months Liz has been dragging herself out in the evenings in a bid to get fit enough to enter Bath's race for life in aid of Cancer Research. Watching her foregoing the comfort of the sofa after a gruelling day at work week after week to put her body through very unaccustomed exercise has been a humbling experience.

Nothing however prepared me for Sunday morning. We arrived for the race in unseasonably cold and quite breathtakingly wet weather. You were soaked, literally to the skin within minutes of leaving the car and we feared the day must be a wash out. However...

To see the hundreds of women who turned out to run, to witness their undaunted spirit despite the truly atrocious conditions and to read the stories of their heartbreaks and family tragedies summed up in few words sometimes on t shirts sometimes on their skin or sheets like the one pictured was heart rending and uplifting all at once.

I want to congratulate every one who ran, jogged or walked the course; it was little short of heroic. And I especially want to say how proud I am of my wife and her mother and how grateful I am to know them both.

uk witness t shirt

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