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Williams College T Shirt

williams college t shirt

williams college t shirt - Williams College

Williams College 2012: Off the Record

Williams College 2012: Off the Record

College guides written by students for students. Williams College Students Tell It Like It Is This insider guide to Williams College in Williamstown, MA, features more than 160 pages of in-depth information, including student reviews, rankings across 20 campus life topics, and insider tips from students on campus. Written by a student at Williams, this guidebook gives you the inside scoop on everything from academics and nightlife to housing and the meal plan. Read both the good and the bad and discover if Williams is right for you. One of nearly 500 College Prowler guides, this Williams guide features updated facts and figures along with the latest student reviews and insider tips from current students on campus. Find out what it's like to be a student at Williams and see if Williams is the place for you.

87% (9)

Self-self-self-self-self-self-self Portrait

Self-self-self-self-self-self-self Portrait

Yup, that's me in the striped shirt, and there's really only one of me, and I took this picture! This was in the main gallery of the Williams College Art Museum in Williamstown, MA, in the summer of 1981. I don't remember now what the exhibit was all about, but they had installed several clusters of full length vertical mirrors at right angles to each other. I positioned myself to catch as many reflections of myself as I could.

How many images of me can you see here? I count seven.

Shot with Pentax K1000 on Tri-X B&W film, and 150 mm lens.



Everyone had a t-shirt made for their group - the Taco people, the Sorority people, the Dorm people. It was t-shirt mania.

williams college t shirt

williams college t shirt

Williams College 2007 (College Prowler)

Welcome to College ProwlerA®
During the writing of College ProwlerA’s guidebooks, we felt it was critical that our content was unbiased and unaffiliated with any college or university. We think itA’s important that our readers get honest information and a realistic impression of the student opinions on any campusA—thatA’s why if any aspect of a particular school is terrible, we (unlike a campus brochure) intend to publish it. While we do keep an eye out for the occasional extremistA—the cheerleader or the cynicA—we take pride in letting the students tell it like it is. We strive to create a book thatA’s as representative as possible of each particular campus. Our books cover both the good and the bad, and whether the survey responses point to recurring trends or a variation in opinion, these sentiments are directly and proportionally expressed through our guides.
College Prowler guidebooks are in the hands of students throughout the entire process of their creation. Because you canA’t make student-written guides without the students, we have students at each campus who help write, randomly survey their peers, edit, layout, and perform accuracy checks on every book that we publish. From the very beginning, student writers gather the most up-to-date stats, facts, and inside information on their colleges. They fill each section with student quotes and summarize the findings in editorial reviews. In addition, each school receives a collection of letter grades (A through F) that reflect student opinion and help to represent contentment, prominence, or satisfaction for each of our 20 specific categories. Just as in grade school, the higher the mark the more content, more prominent, or more satisfied the students are with the particular category.
Once a book is written, additional students serve as editors and check for accuracy even more extensively. Our bounce-back teamA—a group of randomly selected students who have no involvement with the projectA—are asked to read over the material in order to help ensure that the book accurately expresses every aspect of the university and its students. This same process is applied to the 200-plus schools College Prowler currently covers. Each book is the result of endless student contributions, hundreds of pages of research and writing, and countless hours of hard work. All of this has led to the creation of a student information network that stretches across the nation to every school that we cover. ItA’s no easy accomplishment, but itA’s the reason that our guides are such a great resource.
When reading our books and looking at our grades, keep in mind that every college is different and that the students who make up each school are not uniformA—as a result, it is important to assess schools on a case-by-case basis. Because itA’s impossible to summarize an entire school with a single number or description, each book provides a dialogue, not a decision, thatA’s made up of 20 different topics and hundreds of student quotes. In the end, we hope that this guide will serve as a valuable tool in your college selection process. Enjoy!

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